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What is a Cadet?

Military youth cadet programs may seem like a fun and active extra-curricular hobby, but they’re run with all the serious and essential standards of a standard military outfit, adjusted to accommodate the suitable involvement of young members.  While sporting programs and volunteer groups will often focus on skills development in a general sense, military cadet programs do so for the distinct purpose of setting up a possible military career. They focus on discipline, mutual respect, and intensive personal standards that will be drilled into any recruit if they choose to undergo basic training. They also run capable leadership development and mentorship programs. Military cadets are also expected to offer their reliable commitment to the program. These programs are optional to join, but once you do, you will be expected to attend all required gatherings, events, and away days, school and health permitting. This often involves after-school and weekend activities.  This is to train the sense of duty and responsibility necessary for any future service personnel. Youth members tend to thrive in that environment and can learn vital skills as they grow into their adulthood, even if they choose not to pursue a military career. As such, youth cadet programs are often a fantastic pathway for at-risk or troubled youth that may require that sense of belonging and discipline they struggle to find elsewhere, but will be open to anyone able to meet the fitness requirements, and those of suitable age.

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Space Cadet Training Is For Real!

To become accepted for the space cadet training programs for prestigious space agencies like NASA, or private companies like SpaceX or Blue Origin is no easy task. Each year the cadet programs gain tens of thousands of applications, which sometimes have to be whittled down to less than a dozen. Often, astronauts are highly accredited technical specialists with degrees in fields such as aeronautics, rocket science, mathematics, the various sciences, and more. In many cases, master’s or even doctorates are specific necessities depending on the role at hand. Space cadets are also expected to have the ability to stay calm under pressure, strong problem-solving skills, high levels of physical fitness, no medical concerns (within reasons), and high levels of emotional durability and mental endurance.  Space cadet training programs are often designed with the same stringent standards you’d expect to find in military programs. After all, these cadets will one day willingly go into arguably the harshest professional environment anyone could occupy.

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What is a Cadet Portfolio?

A cadet portfolio will include many different documents relating to the performance of a cadet as they move through the training. This can include but isn’t limited to: 

* Fitness scores and areas in need of physical improvement.
* Leadership results, such as ROTC or JROTC programs, and information about initiatives taken, like community volunteering.
* Professional development and test scores – this could include psychometric testing results and how well each module of training has been concluded. Training personnel use this information to highlight areas of improvement needed.
* Notes from training staff – this can include any personal insights or disciplinary measures undertaken.

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Air Force Cadets: The Benefits Are Huge

After graduating from the Air Force Cadet program, members have a variety of career options to pursue. Many cadets join or serve in the military or other government roles such as intelligence officers or civil engineers; others use their experience and skills to pursue professional or academic opportunities such as business management, engineering, medicine or law. Furthermore, members of this lifelong learning program receive lifelong advantages through networking events and mentoring programs provided by alumni of the program. The Air Force Cadets program offers young people an incredible chance to discover their potential while developing valuable values and skills that they can carry throughout life. It provides rigorous yet rewarding training designed to instill leadership qualities, self-discipline, patriotism and respect for others. Graduates have gone on to achieve great success – including becoming astronauts or leading military personnel. Ultimately, joining this elite organization allows young people to reach their highest potential while making meaningful contributions to their country.

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The Life of a Sea Cadet

American sea cadets were founded in 1958 by the Department of the Navy. In 1962, US sea cadets were categorized as a non-profit youth organization with an emphasis on United States sea-going services. The sea cadets are designed to support the United States armed forces.  Children and teenagers who become sea cadets are trained in a wide variety of activities and operations, including shipboard training, coastguard training, legal training, and much more. There is no obligation for students to join the navy upon graduation, but many will choose to. As well as taking classes in basic school subjects, sea cadets learn leadership and practical skills that will serve them in their life as naval officers or in civilian life. A sea cadet education is unique and formidable; it is especially beneficial for children looking to develop their confidence. American sea cadets have a diverse program of activities and learning that includes seamanship, sailing, aviation, security, building robots, medical training, submarines, photography, and more. The skills developed through sea cadet training are invaluable.  

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Becoming A West Point Cadet: What You Need To Know

Cadets at West Point are from every walk of life, yet they all end up sharing one objective: to give back to the nation. The United States Military Academy at West Point is a highly regarded establishment, and its cadets are among the country’s best and brightest. This article will go over what it takes to be a West Point Cadet and what these young men and women can expect once they enlist at this prestigious academy. Touching on the various opportunities and adventures these cadets experience during their time at West Point will be showcased. West Point Cadet recruiters must be of good moral character, have a high school diploma or its comparable, and pass a physical examination. Candidates must also perform well on the SAT/ACT exams and have a formal proposal from their local elected member. To be approved as a cadet at West Point, candidates must also prove leadership skills and a willingness to serve.

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Was Edgar Allan Poe a Cadet

A question mark remains, was Edgar Allen Poe a cadet, or was he not? According to a recent Netflix movie and a 2003 novel, Poe became a police cadet at west Point when he left the army. Most of the story is fictional, except the part about Poe becoming a cadet after leaving the army.  Edgar Allen Poe is famous for his poem The Raven and the gothic short story The Fall of the House of Usher, he is less well-known for his time in the army or his time as a police cadet, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting or relevant. Now you can enjoy the movie with the facts.   

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