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The Life of a Sea Cadet

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Sea Cadets were formed in 1958 to train young people for the US Navy. Sea Cadets offer young people education and, at the same time, build the qualities and characteristics needed for a successful future. After graduation, the majority of sea cadets go on to join the US Navy, but the ones who don’t can easily find employment in a wide range of careers available in civilian life.  

What are Sea Cadets? 

Some teenagers have an abundance of confidence, personal strength, and abilities, but not all of them. The sea cadets is a branch of the navy that trains young people in the craft of seafaring. It offers plenty of opportunities for personal development and skills development.

American sea cadets are an alternative to schooling for junior and senior children. Cadets follow a structured routine that involves drills, classroom learning, and practical activities on the water. Sea cadets learn an amazing variety of skills, build confidence, and learn to work in teams.  

History of Sea Cadets 

American sea cadets were founded in 1958 by the Department of the Navy. In 1962, US sea cadets were categorized as a non-profit youth organization with an emphasis on United States sea-going services. The sea cadets are designed to support the United States armed forces. 

Children and teenagers who become sea cadets are trained in a wide variety of activities and operations, including shipboard training, coastguard training, legal training, and much more. There is no obligation for students to join the navy upon graduation, but many will choose to.  

The Work of Sea Cadets 

As well as taking classes in basic school subjects, sea cadets learn leadership and practical skills that will serve them in their life as naval officers or in civilian life. A sea cadet education is unique and formidable; it is especially beneficial for children looking to develop their confidence. 

American sea cadets have a diverse program of activities and learning that includes seamanship, sailing, aviation, security, building robots, medical training, submarines, photography, and more. The skills developed through sea cadet training are invaluable.  

Who can Join Sea Cadets? 

Sea cadets are young men and women between the ages of 10 and 18. In the American sea cadets, there are junior and senior levels for training. The sea cadets are supported by the US Navy and US Coastguards; they are permitted to train on official US Navy bases and ships. 

Children between the ages of 10 and 18 who satisfy the entry requirements can join the sea cadets as a cadet or a volunteer. The aim of the sea cadets is to build leaders of character who are ready to contribute to the US Navy or to civilian life as confident, well-educated leaders.   


The sea cadets offer an alternative education and way of life for young people with an appetite for adventure or the need for character building. Sea cadets can bring out the best in young people, even when they are shy and under confident. Sea cadets always have bright futures.